Lyno Rigel

Moroccan singer/songwriter Lyno Rigel represents diversity. He is interested and fits in all types of musical genres. With no boundaries between styles or eras, he cannot seem to stop creating new content and new songs.  

It all started with an enormous love for Elvis Presley’s music. He was more than an idol. He is the reason why he picked up a guitar and started to play at the first place. That is how he really dived into the music industry and managed to learn how to play music all by himself. Self-taught person, he learned how to play guitar (which is never far from him) piano, drums, harmonica, percussions and bass. He began to sing over instrumentals but realized he could reproduce them alone with a computer and a couple instruments. That is how he wrote and created his first songs, he wrote over than 200 songs in one year between school classes.

On March 14 2017, WeLoveBuzz (1million followers on Facebook) shared one of his covers that reached 100k views and had a lot of positive reviews. That lead him to gather a couple of devoted fans on his instagram profile.

He performed live in many places around the world: Come to My Home Festival (Italy), in France and in Morocco.

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