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  • Kaivala padah, about isolation, from the Patanjali Sutras

    Artificial minds are produced only from the sense of self. When there are differences in behavior, it is one mind that directs the others. Between (these minds), those born of meditation leave...
  • Vibhuti-padah, about powers, from the Patanjali Sutras

    Now we will discover the hidden powers discovered by Patanjali and explained in his Yogasutras 🌿
  • Sadhana-padah, about the practice of Yoga, from the Yogasutras of Patanjali

    An ascetic attitude, study and constant meditation on the Lord, infinity, or any other deity, constitute kriya-yoga (yoga of action). Its goal is to strengthen contemplation and mitigate afflictions.
  • Samadhi-padah, about contemplation. Definition and explanation from the Yogasutras of Patanjali

    Now the teaching of Yoga. Yoga is the arrest of mental processes. So the witness establishes itself in its own nature.
  • Kundalini

    🌿 What is kundalini and how to awaken this essential energy with our fresh yoga blog. Welcome to ALM, you're home. 🌿