What is Kundalini and the Kundalini energy and how it influences humans and society?

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We commented that the practice of Kundalini Yoga is based on awakening the divine energy of our body, and this is when we present the vital essence, the sleeping treasure that when you knock on its door, awakes. This is Kundalini.

Many people wonder what is Kundalini and Kundalini energy?

The Kundalini is an energy that rests and sleeps in the sacrum (base of the spine) with a circular shape, coiled like a snake.

Yogis visualize how this snake during practice, wakes up and ascends the spine until it reaches the crown area, activating the switch that would be the pineal gland, lighting it as a small bulb, thus reaching states of high consciousness , generating lucidity, awakening, connection, known this state as: enlightenment.

The body, always so perfect, has roads and ducts specifically designed for this energy. These channels are called Nadis.

The main Nadis are: Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

Sushumna聽is the central channel through which the聽Kundalini ascends. This Nadi is born at the base of the spine and is linked to the spinal cord, it is imperceptible and subtle. There, the other two nadis named Ida and Pingala previously join this Sushmana, ascending together towards the crown, each one through its corresponding channel.

With the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga small flashes of enlightenment are achieved.
I invite you to try a class and see for yourself its results.

But I do not want to close this section without naming, that we not only find Kundalini in Kundalini Yoga, although the word Kundalini comes from the yogic tradition. If not in the whole world and all the cultures of history.

During years of study we鈥檝e discovered that different cultures thousands of kilometers away from each other and sometimes with a difference of thousands or hundreds of years between them, were related to this Kundalini energy, with its most important Gods and beliefs and they all agreed that it brought universal wisdom.聽

We can find it in ancient Tibetan and Hindu writings, in Sumer, China, in Christianity, Judaism, in the treaties of Alchemy, in Hermeticism, Occultism, in Mexico, in the Mayan and Aztec culture with their Great God Quetzalcoalt and his serpent feathered. In Australian Aborigines or North American tribes like the Hopi Indians.
In Peru the Incas called it Kori Machakway with stone drawings on "the feather, the condor and the serpent" and its 7 spaces filled with Gold (7 spaces-7 chakras or 7 kundalini rises *).

In Japan this energy is a Goddess named Nenriki, using this teaching perhaps in many Aikido and martial arts schools in an intangible way.

In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs carried on their foreheads a serpent that also represented this Kundalini settled inside and symbol of their wisdom.

It is no coincidence that ancient Roman marble columns were covered by an "apparent and subtle" piece of cloth that meanders upward or the same column twisting itself (marble column - spinal column).

Nor are the pineapples that adorn the entrances of our houses many placed on top of the columns (Pineapple - Pineal Gland, the destination of the Kundalini and where it is directed from the sacrum) and long etceteras, objects that many of us continue to use and placing in our homes without knowing their聽true meaning.聽

Kundalini, Alchemy and traditions.

Another important section that we should certainly not forget, is how the secret of Kundalini energy has been transmitted to this day. Not only the ancient cultures had it in mind, but it continues to be present in our days and in the near past.

An example of this is the so-called Alchemy, which many relate solely and exclusively to the manufacture of gold by artisanal means, forgetting that Alchemy transmitted more a secret of illumination and universal knowledge than the simple transmutation of common metals into gold.

Many of these Alchemists considered themselves Christians (because Jesus Christ is a symbolism of the transcended human), it was not for having devotion to the Catholic Church, but rather the opposite. They believed in Gnosticism and that each human can have a direct communication channel with the creator and an internal means by which to carry out that communion with God and the universe.
Using Kundalini energy and other processes that were hidden under chemical codes and referring to its elements such as Mercury and sulfur for example, they left in their writings true maps of knowledge about the use of Kundalini energy.

This is the reason why it has always been believed that they were simple dreamers who sought to make gold in a selfish way to enrich themselves, when their maximum wealth and objective was the knowledge of divinity through this energy.

Thanks to these gentlemen and ladies of the Middle Ages, the secret of the Kundalini energy has come down to us in many ways. Mainly as works of art in paintings and sculptures that have a much deeper symbolism than what can be seen with the naked eye.

Architecture was undoubtedly also one of those strongboxes that carried the message, especially cathedrals. Stone books that tell the secret of how the human being can rise to heaven to know him and return to earth with that knowledge, in another state of consciousness, there is the story of Jesus Christ and many other characters in religious history such as Buddha.

Many of these alchemists, occultists and scholars of the secret, also shaped and contributed the symbolism to the traditions that today occur in many towns and cities in Spain and the world.

As they can be the Catalan Castellers, who rise to the sky forming a human pyramid and representing that ascension, or the holy week in which the secret is expressed through the symbolism of Jesus and his ascension and illumination.

It's amazing how hundreds of small towns and villages also have traditions that when you look at them, you can see that they are symbolically narrating the same secret.

Once you open to discover the world of symbolism, there will be no cathedral, church, royal houses, historical monuments and hidden places that will resist you to find this Kundalini that represents:

the great salvation, the conception of the new lucid human, the unraveling of your essential consciousness, the creative potential, the energy of consciousness, the energy of the Soul itself, "The curl of the hair of the beloved", The Man - Woman God.

I encourage you now that you know a little more about this world secret, that you look around you, when you walk through emblematic places of your city, when you see great works of art or study ancient cultures of history. You can see for yourself how the same symbol is found everywhere in one way or another.

Undoubtedly we are facing the greatest knowledge of humanity through the centuries, although only a few have been able to access it in a direct way to experience it for having always been hidden under a veil of mystery, which required years of study for your understanding.

On the other hand and referring to the cultures of India and Asia in general, we find disciplines such as Yoga that have always worked with these precepts and more specifically Kundalini Yoga.

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Kundalini Yoga: mother Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the mother Yoga, from it most of the styles of Yoga that are known today were born and drank. It is a secret technology that only a select few could access. Until Yogi Bhajan decided that everyone should know him and showed him to the world.

Without a doubt we find the most complete Yoga technology that has been able to reach our days. A great gift with millennia old, impossible to date. Passed from teachers to disciples and being preserved as one of the greatest secrets and treasures of ancient wisdom.

It was forbidden to show it to the world in an open way since it was only reserved for certain people and circles.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga helps to awaken the Kundalini energy, but above all it helps to know your body and how this energy works within it.

Formed by hundreds of Kriyas (Asanas) with a specific function and a specific objective, making use of Mantras to transform our mind and body through the vibratory waves produced by the voice, by the Mudras, hand gestures that create energy fields, active meditations and many other techniques.

Without a doubt, the most powerful Yoga that exists and that produces the fastest changes in our lives. When the Kundalini energy begins to awaken everything is transformed, our vision of the world and of ourselves, our aspirations, our consciousness and ultimately our daily life.

In conclusion we can say that the Kundalini energy has been and is always present in the life of the human being since its creation as the ladder or the path that will allow him to ascend to the next level. The greatest secret of all time taken into account by each and every one of the great civilizations that have existed, by chance?

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