Origin and Lineage of our Tantric Instructions: special benefits of the Vajrayoguini practice

The first Guru in the lineage of the instructions presented here is Buddha Vajradharma and the second is Buddha Vajrayogini. Vajrayogini transmitted these instructions directly to Naropa, who diligently carried them out, achieving great realizations.


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If we practice these tantric instructions, we will soon receive great and deep blessings from all BuddhasThese blessings will help us both throughout our life and in the process after death, finally reaching the goal of enlightenment.

The essential teachings of Vajrayogini contain the Tantras of Heruka, Yamantaka and Guhyasamayha. All the essential practices of the secret mantra stages are contained in the same practice.

Not all Deities include within their practice a body mandala (also understood as an internal body meditation focused on healing and blessing our internal channels). Those that do so are deeper, allowing the meditations to be practiced simultaneously in both the generation and consummation stages.

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