Renunciation, an essential tantric concept

In tantra there are three main concepts to attain enlightenment: Renunciation, Boddhicitta (compassion), and Sunyata (wisdom). 

We are going to explain in depth the first one, renunciation, following the instructions of the Great Master Yhe Tsongkhapa.

What is renunciation?

Renunciation is the essential meaning of all the buddhist teachings. 


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How can we practice renunciation?

To cultivate renunciation we do not have to abandon our family and friends, nor rest isolated for several years. In fact, renunciation is an essential wisdom intended to liberate us from being reborn in low realms, in Samsara and free our selves from the eternal life cycles we have lived since the beginning of time due to our egotistical mind and self-grasping.

This wisdom will guide us through the correct path in the search for the true meaning of human existence.

How to generate pure renunciation

The attachment to satisfy our own cravings and pleasures, uncontrolled desires, is the first cause of our suffering. The only way to liberate ourselves from this suffering is generating pure renunciation.

Therefore, we must apply great effort to generate and sustain this pure renunciation through our life.

When through this training we get to generate the thoughts "It is possible I die today" and "how eprecious and difficult to find is a human life" we will be cultivating renunciation.

Meditating on the truth of Karma and the suffering caused by samsaric existence will eventually remove the attachments to our worldly pleasures. Enabling us to enjoy life even more. 

This way, when uncontrolled desire appears in our bodies, we will be much better equipped to fight it and, eventually, we will reach liberation or, Nirvana.



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