Vibhuti-padah, about powers, from the Patanjali Sutras

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Concentration is fixing the mind on one point.

Meditation is the perceptual continuity at that same point.

Contemplation is the same when it reflects only the object and appears empty of itself.

The simultaneous application of these three in a single point is the domain. Thanks to the conquest of this, the light of knowledge arises. It is applied at different levels.

These three elements of yoga are internal in relation to the previous ones. And these are external in relation to non-germinal contemplation.

The transformation of the mind聽occurs when the emerging latent impression is inhibited and the arrested latent impression聽manifests itself, concomitant with the mind at the moment of the arrest.

Its smooth flow is due to latent printing. The transformation of the contemplative mind occurs when the state of dispersion is removed and concentration at one point arises.

The transformation of the concentrated mind occurs when the anterior and posterior perception have the same content.

In this way the transformations of property, time and condition with respect to the material elements and the senses are explained.

The substrate is the correlate of past, present and future properties. The sequential difference is the cause of the transformation difference.

By mastering the three transformations, knowledge of the past and the future is obtained.

Due to the mutual superimposition of the word, meaning and perception, hybrid knowledge occurs. By mastering the perfect distinction of these three elements, knowledge of the language of all beings is achieved.

Thanks to the update of the latent impressions, the knowledge of the previous lives. From perception, the knowledge of the minds of others.

This does not have a specific support, as it is out of reach.

By mastering the bodily form, invisibility is achieved by not producing contact between the eye and light, since the perceptibility of the body has been blocked ("samyama" or "thanks to mastery").

Karma has聽fast and slow resolution. Thanks to this mastery, knowledge of the moment of death is achieved or also thanks to the dire omens.

The domain of friendship and the other virtues provide the corresponding types of forces.

The various forces provide the strength of the elephant and other types.

By locating in the body the light of extraordinary perception, the knowledge of the subtle, the hidden and the distant is obtained.

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Thanks to the domain of the Sun, the knowledge of the planets. With that of the Moon, knowledge of stellar configurations. With that of the North Star, the knowledge of stellar movement.

With the navel circle, the knowledge of the body structure. With that of the throat well, elimination of hunger and thirst. With that of the turtle's duct, immobility. From the splendor of the crown, the vision of the realized beings. Or with that of intuition, omniscience.

With that of the heart, the comprehensive knowledge of the mind. Experience is the indistinct perception of mind and consciousness, even though they are extraordinarily different. Thanks to the mastery of the own objective, the knowledge of the consciousness is obtained, since the experience does not have its own objective.

Then comes intuitive knowledge and intensified perception of sound, image, touch, taste, and smell. These are obstacles to contemplation, but they are powers in the emerging state of mint.

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