Le Coin de France

  • Une semaine sans sucre, plus facile à dire qu'à appliquer

      Il y a 2 semaines, je vous parlais des méfaits du sucre raffiné sur la santé. J'en parlais, mais j'appliquais pas trop, à vrai dire. Voire, pa...
  • Les mécanismes de l'addiction

    La semaine dernière je vous parlais de mon addiction au sucre, addiction mauvaise pour ma santé (si tant est que le contraire soit possible), ad...
  • The harmful effects of (industrial) sugar on our health

    A few weeks ago, I started buying brioche for the morning again. It wasn't for me at first (yes, yes, madam, I swear to you), but since it was in m...
  • How to bounce back from failure?

    Ah! Failure. It hurts, doesn't it? I know what I'm talking about, I just saw the project that was closest to my heart go up in smoke: that of start...
  • 8 signs that prove that I'm starting to love myself

    You already know it but for a few months I have been looking for inner peace. As I have already told you, also, this quest began the day I understo...
  • Non violent communication

    Cries, insults, fights, anger, nervous breakdowns, throbbing heart, hot temples, clenched fists, clenched jaws, the conflict and its harmful consequences for the body and the spirit, I know well... But this time is gone! Finally, at least, I try and I progress! Yes, yes, the conflicts, I have almost no more and yet as you have seen, I have come a long way...

  • How do we deal with the criticisms we receive?

    Thinking to know better than others is specific to human beings, it is specific to the ego, it is what allows us to protect ourselves, to reassure us. But it's not because it's almost innate that we don't all agree that it's useless except to piss off.

    So, beyond learning to stop doing it myself (because, yes, you have to stop, and that will be the subject of another column), today, I would like to learn (and share with you) the methods to manage the reproaches which one makes to me. BECAUSE OTHERWISE I WILL BREAK EVERYTHING. (And, yes, no, I know, this is not the solution .)

  • Why do we try to stick labels?

    Over the years, the high potential has become a marketing target. Derivative products (books, articles, coaching sessions, etc.) are selling like hotcakes. Having a niche of 2% of the population is cool, but 30% is better. Many Charlatans would therefore like everyone to think they are.

  • The different pillars of the self

    All these terms are the pillars of the self. If they meet in their definitions they do not, in reality, mean quite the same thing and it is essential to know how to distinguish them. To distinguish them well is to learn to know oneself in depth, it is to learn to improve each area that plays on the fulfillment of our global self. To know them well is to tend towards a total appeasement of our self.

  • How are ecstasy pills made?

    We were last Monday. It was exactly 5:30 p.m. and I had been in bed for two hours with – I don't really know, but I like to believe it – 39 with a fever and my head was about to explode.

    On the verge of dying (without any exaggeration, of course) I tell myself that it might be time to take a Doliprane.

    That's when a strange debate began in my head.

  • A week without social networks. Like a scent of freedom.

    Ah the networks... it's still an incredible invention. You can hear from your friends at any time, debate for hours with strangers, get informed, get inspired, have fun, share your work, your art, advertise, or just show off... But we can also, and above all, do shit and waste a lot of time.

  • Hypnosis, this practice that can change your life

    Well, I must admit to having lied to you slightly, in reality, hypnosis, I did not discover it this week (although I practiced) but there are already several months of that. Ah, what wouldn't we do for a catchy title... But my practice, now regular (and not unique) of the discipline, can only flesh out this column whose aim is to convince you all to go and get hypnotized. Don't thank me, it's free, it's for the good of humanity. What do you want, altruism will ruin me.