With Le Classico organisé, Jul enters the legend

by France Missud

As a Parisian exiled in Marseille, when I saw that Jul had released a new album bringing together artists from both cities, it inevitably intrigued me. The principle ? Bury the legendary football squabble by bringing together rappers from different regions. This guy is a genius. It's confirmed.

Jul, for those coming back from a digital retirement that lasted nearly a decade, it's this atypical Marseille rapper who enjoys mixing electro with light and positive rap. If it's been years since he delights us to string together hits, which I can't even count, this time Jul saw big. Very large. He's not kidding the guy. In Le Classico organized he brings together no less than 157 rappers from the Bouches-du-Rhone and the Paris region. Yeah, 157 you read that right. 157 artists together gives 30 titles. Jul is a fucking machine. One day he will have to reveal his secret to us to create so many sounds in such a short time.

Jul, I love him since his debut with "Tchikita". Me, I didn't really care that it was little worked (that we believe), that one word out of 2 did not exist, or that he made no effort to be presentable. The goal when I listen to something? That it touches me, one way or another. The heart, the brain or the booty, it doesn't matter. And having the same education, with all due respect to the haters, is not obligatory. Jul, whether we like it or not, he brought a breath of fresh air and peace of mind to French rap. I don't even know if we should classify it in this category, moreover, to tell you the truth. (It's not because he plays tough in some of his clips that it's not variety, huh...). In short, I've been following it for 7 years, and "Organised Band" – its last revolutionary hit in terms of format and style – I played it on repeat for months, even plotting real putschs (yeah, I I checked, it takes an “S” in the plural) during techno parties of my friends to pass it in scred. So when The Organized Classico came out, it had better live up to my expectations. Well, well, he exceeded them. Yes yes.

Jul's style is, how to say, not great music, not great lyrics, but a kind of intelligent mix between catchy rhythm, positive message (but from the street anyway) that puts you in a good mood and which brings together all social classes. Already just for that we could award him the Nobel Peace Prize, I tell you. Jul, he loves life, he doesn't judge, he doesn't care about his image or fame, he just wants to make sounds that people like (and money, sure, but who can blame him?). In short, he's a guy with a big heart who advocates good values but still keeps the codes of the estates, or should I say the northern districts of Marseille (because, no, it's not quite the same) . Jul, it's the guy next door version caillera. A street mediator in short. And these guys are real, no one can deny that.

With Le Classico organised, Jul screwed up the game as they say. Because what he lacked was perhaps the legitimacy of the great, the elegance of the sought-after words. By inviting confirmed artists to his album, who need no further introduction, such as Oxmo Puccino, Kenny Arkana or Youssoufa... he has added poetry and depth to the list of his qualities. Between the light titles, quickly done well done, that he and his band are used to producing, we find real little gems bringing together beautiful melodies and hard-hitting lyrics such as: "Legendary", "Love and peace" or "C' is not a movie. Jul just needed that to become a legend. If it hadn't already been done.

Attention ! If you're like me and started by listening to the eponymous title "Le Classico organized" (strange copy of "Organized Band" less well) which is on TV, don't be fooled by this first impression "bof bof". The other titles are amazing for the most part. You will become addicted!

In any case, me, as a good obsessive monomaniac that I am Le classico organized, I have already sanded it down to death.

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