Ben Mazué seeks himself and finds us.

by France Missud

The first time I hear about Ben Mazué, we are in January 2019, I come out of after. It's three o'clock, the sun is perched in the blue sky. I walk alone towards my scooter parked in front of Café Barge. A young man stops me and stares desperately into mine.

“Are you coming off the barge? How was it ? I'm too late, once again I messed up, my girlfriend left me because I'm too fragile according to her. Do you know about hypersensitivity? »

You speak that I know, I am dating one of your congeners at this very moment and I have a huge desire to kill him.

“He needs to be reassured, you know. »

He especially needs a good kick in the ass if you want my opinion.

“You should listen to Ben Mazué if you want to understand him, this guy knows how to describe us so well”


When I get home I type his name on Deezer.

At the first songs listened to (those of his first two albums) I am not at all excited, but then not at all. His half-sung half-slammed style is not my thing, the melodies don't touch me, I quickly skip the titles. Is this hypersensitivity? Fragile self-centered thing, yeah. Even if certain titles, more sung, leave me a nice impression, the balance sheet is not very folichon. For me, it doesn't break a duck's three legs. There are even some songs that I find useless, let's not be afraid of words. His jazzy, rap or even ragga inspirations, his accent when he sings in English, his plaintive air sometimes boring to death... Oh yeah, no, it's not possible. He screwed up the stranger from the Barge there.

But one or two songs ̶ including his duet with Pauline Croze, an artist I once listened to on repeat ̶ make me tilt. There seems to be something hiding behind this overrated packaging, like a poorly exploited potential. Curious, I let the songs scroll.


And, the more the years go by, the more I appreciate his work. We are less in trial and error, the style is more confirmed. Certain sentences, certain ways of expressing oneself speak to me. Sometimes I recognize myself in him. As if I was one of his species. And it is this impression that makes me like an artist or not.

I continue the discovery and let the titles scroll longer, I even listen to some of them in full. And, finally, after a good ten listens, his third album is the revelation that I was waiting for. It's not the same guy or what? The songs no longer have anything to do with those of the beginning, the meaning of which I didn't even listen to, too lost in the flourishes. Three years have passed since the first albums and it shows. The author took singing lessons and understood that the melody was important, thank god. What little I liked about the first ones was developed, what I hated, removed. Ben Mazué, sensitive to the great need to express himself, finally spares us his weird delusions of a child who does not want to grow up. His titles soften, become more elaborate, the music more modern, his voice less (or better?) overplayed. In short, the years have done him good. Before, we felt that he was having fun, that he was trying to impress, now Ben Mazué thinks of us and synthesizes his flow of thoughts to keep us only the best. And he had hidden potential. It's that he writes well, in fact, this guy. More than that, even. His words hit me. And there it is! That's what the stranger was talking about! I did well to persevere.

His title J'attends is a little gem, his voice is calm, soft, the words clever. I tuned loop. That's it, I'm convinced. I won't stop listening to it.

This song, J'attends will also be performed in duet with Pomme for a reissue of his 2017 album. The duets are what will make this singer, appreciated by his small Parisian milieu, a rather confidential success, therefore ̶ to the general public. And I must also say that (even if I don't usually appreciate the young artist more than that) her duet with Louane for her cover of La mer est calme is just magnificent.

Oh !

Ben Mazué is smart, he evolves quickly. In a very short time he was able to adapt to the populace to better spread his message. And we thank him. Like Benjamin Biolay, Ben Mazué, knows how to make himself known by sublimating both the great artist (Pauline Croze, Pomme ...), and the starlet more sensitive than it seems (Louane, Jérémy Frérot. ..) For my greatest pleasure. That's what I like when it's popular. All perched yes, but more accessible, please.

Ben Mazué, forty-year-old from Nice exiled in Paris then in Reunion, in addition to being a medical graduate and rather handsome (hey yeah, he has everything going for him) is therefore an author with a fragile pen (in the good sense of the term ) who has long, in my humble opinion, artistically sought, then who has been able to adapt to distribute his texts in an increasingly worked way. I don't know if he considers himself to have sold himself or if he really wanted to improve in order to finally reach more people, in any case, the result, to me, a good customer, pleases me. In addition to having a nice tone of voice, beautiful melodies and the intelligence to know how to surround himself well, he knows how to describe and transcribe the human, his behavior and especially his psychiatric problems. And that's what speaks to all these lost, tortured hypersensitive people that we are, because yes (perhaps a little thanks to him, by the way) I have since understood that I, too, was. We recognize ourselves in his songs, we tell ourselves that we are not alone, we are reassured. So, thank you Ben Mazué for adapting to you, it would have been a shame not to be able to listen to you.

His fourth and latest album contains only hits.

When I walk, a real psych session for crazy thinkers is to be listened to without moderation.

Nowhere denounces the society of performance, reproaches, judgment and makes you feel guilty.

The heart animates us in duet with Poupie, will particularly speak to those who, after a breakup, have lost confidence in themselves.

Gaffe aux autres in duet with Jérémy Frérot, is, obviously, a dedication to benevolent hypersensitive people.

Well, and then, if ever, you who read me, are a divorced parent, believe me, you should also find yourself there.

In short, I let you listen.

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