Royal jelly works wonders

by France Missud

It's hiiiiveeer, well no, OK, it's autumn, but frankly it's almost the same. It's cold, our complexion becomes as gray as the sky, our fundus glazes and we really need to put off the alarm clock by two or three hours. In less time than it takes to say it, we cough, we shiver, we have a headache and that's it, we remember that life outside of summer IS SHIT. We forgot, huh?

What if I told you that it was possible to make life beautiful even in winter? And that the miracle is only based on a small natural ingredient that is fairly easy to obtain. Would you believe me?

Today I'm talking about a product that will revolutionize your daily form. Royal jelly. Yeah, the bee thing, absolutely.

Royal jelly, this natural product that allows me to spend my life in aftercare without dying.

I was thirty years old when I discovered royal jelly. I work fourteen hours a day, spending the rest of my time in the evenings, smoking, drinking and everything. And even if I am of a solid nature at my canonical age, my lifestyle is starting to be felt. I'm exhausted, coughing up my lungs and grabbing all the diseases that cross my path. Since I don't want to change my pace, I seek advice from a pharmacist friend who's as partying as me. He tells me about a miraculous product just beginning to become more popular. Royal jelly.

It was four years ago. Today, I don't start a single winter without having taken a cure beforehand and if I haven't changed my pace of life, I have never been sick again. At least not for long and not so long that I couldn't get up in the morning.


Concretely, what does it give?

Royal jelly comes from bees. The labs market it in the form of ampoules. This gelatinous product does not have too much taste, one a day in the morning in your fruit juice and go. The recommended cure time is one to two months but, personally, I take it almost all winter. I really stop only when the sun reappears. I recently lived in Paris so I took it for six months.

I've completely quit chewable vitamin C and all other chemical vitamins sold by big pharma and I'm super fit. I feel a real difference with my youth when I repeatedly had bronchitis and angina and since I haven't changed anything else in my habits, I can assure you that it is indeed royal jelly that saved me!

This honey nectar, also called bee milk, is made by the little winged nurse bees to feed the babies in the colony. Beekeepers remove the queens from each hive in order to increase the number of births (with the aim of finding a new one) and, therefore, the production of the nectar of life.

It seems that it is quite stressful for the bees and some voices are raised against this way of producing but for the moment they do not seem to have found any effective alternative. Prefer all the same organic royal jelly to the mention Nature & Progrès for a better respect of the animal.

Do you also want to be in shape after thirty?

Full of trace elements, vitamins, minerals, proteins and sugars, royal jelly acts mainly on the immune system and thus against stress and physical and mental fatigue. But its benefits do not stop there because it would also counter cholesterol, chronic rhinitis, diabetes, pain related to arthritis and even more surprisingly pain related to premenstrual syndrome or the symptoms of menopause. Since I tell you that it is a miraculous product.

Much appreciated by the Chinese for hundreds of years, the virtues of royal jelly have spread to the rest of the world for only a few decades.

The development of better production techniques by beekeepers has allowed its last years to really popularize it.

Nowadays you can find it in all pharmacies without a prescription. The prices for a cure of thirty days are around twenty euros.


If you have any doubts about any intolerance or allergy, consult a health professional.

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