Lymph, this liquid that determines whether you are going to have a good day or not

This morning, as for several weeks now, I wake up with a puffy face. I have acne, horrible skin tone and I'm starting to see dark circles that I never had before. I feel like rolling on the floor like a capricious kid who wasn't given the candy she was promised if she was good (and she was). It's true what, with all the efforts I'm doing right now, I should rather be rewarded, right? I have almost stopped drinking, taking drugs, I smoke a thousand times less than before, I eat healthier and instead of becoming more beautiful, as I could have hoped, I am messed up! Desperate, I try to understand what is going on. On the internet, of course. Lazy to go to the doctor for that. When I type “Swollen face” on Google, everything lights up. As surprising as it may seem, it is precisely because of my new, healthier lifestyle that my beauty has deteriorated.

A few months ago, when I thought I was doing well (which I was doing despite everything), by reducing my outings, I forgot to take into account a significant point. When I went out, I moved, and when I moved, I eliminated. When I stopped, my body didn't like it at all. And in particular my lymph, this liquid responsible for the proper elimination of toxins and therefore for my fresh complexion.

What is lymph?

Lymph is a white or yellowish liquid carried by the lymphatic system. Present throughout the body, it plays a role in the elimination of waste and immune surveillance. In particular by ejecting fats, toxins and excess liquid towards the lymph nodes. When we stop moving, it clogs up and creates all kinds of problems on the surface. Because unlike the blood system, it does not have its own pump system and therefore needs to be stimulated. Ah well if I had known, I would have continued to dance!

How it works ?

If the lymph nodes are our center for sorting and purifying waste, the liver, the intestines and the sebaceous glands our dumps, the lymph is our network of dump trucks. All it takes is for the garbage collectors to go on strike and for the landfills to be clogged (because of their age and our poor lifestyle) and the whole system is messed up: the lymph nodes are overflowing and the garbage cans are deposited all over the place. the road. And on the road is our poor little skin that asked for nothing. Under pressure, it then begins to swell and you see appear: puffiness, dark circles, puffy face, acne, but also heavy legs, hard calves, cellulite or even swollen feet.

Did you know it? It is also because of the lymphatic fluid that our nose continues to grow throughout our lives. The liquid piles up under the extremity and widens our skin which gives this impression of growing.

But I reassure you (and me with) the process is not irreversible. Well, at least you can limit the damage.

Several solutions exist.

start dancing again

Or rather, exercise. It doesn't matter which one. Walking (quick anyway, you have to make a minimum of effort), running, trampoline, skipping rope, the important thing is to move to stimulate the circulation of lymphatic fluid (and no, we doesn't have to drink vodka to dance).

Have a better lifestyle

Want better waste disposal? Well already, create less, it will be a good start. Cigarette, fatty foods, alcohol, it's just stuff that your body eliminates with great difficulty. The less you give it, the less work it will have, the more normally it will function.

Lymphatic drainage

It is carried out by a physiotherapist during sessions that last 45 minutes: he puts light pressure on the storage areas which allows them to be detoxified.

plantar reflexology

These massages of specific areas connected to our emunctory organs (liver and intestine) can reactivate their functioning and, therefore, help them to work better.

drink a lot

Lymphatic fluid is a liquid, so it feeds on the water in our body. The more it is diluted, the better.

Breathe deeply

The largest lymph nodes in the body are found near the lungs. When these inflate with air, they then compress the lymphatic vessels and push the lymph forward. When they empty, they suck up the lymph that is lower down.

The lymphatic massage

Massaging your face regularly (and especially in the morning when the liquid has stagnated all night) helps to reactivate the circulation system present just under your skin. Result: your features are smoothed, your skin more radiant, even the redness disappears. You can massage yourself behind the ears, on the bones of the collarbone, the armpits and the neck, which are sensitive points.

For heavy legs or cellulite, it is better to massage the lymph nodes located behind the knees, inside the thighs and under the arms.

When I think I hated the Koreans who slapped their faces at 4 a.m. when we shared a hostel in Toronto. Now I tell myself that I should have done the same. Even if it means waking up the whole room in passing. It's true that Koreans have pretty skin, so that explains it.

So now that we know, no more excuses, beautiful skin we want, beautiful skin we will have.

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