Life is an Art, Must-Follow Podcast Channel

by France Missud

Because we don't have time to read, because we spend hours in traffic jams, because our eyes hurt or just because we like to live with the times, we all put to podcasts. Whether it is to listen to passages of lives, to summarize a book, or to find out about the latest news, the short audio format is on the rise. We all have something to learn from it. Personally, you can imagine, I prefer those on psychiatric advice. This week, I'm talking about "Life is an art" a good vibes channel that deserves to be listened to.

It was when a member of a Facebook group I belong to shared one on hypersensitivity that I discovered the channel “Life is an art”. I found the topic covered so well that I listened to all of their other posts.

"Life is an Art" is a positive psychology program that opens listeners to caring, gratitude, selflessness and forgiveness.

In these episodes of fifteen minutes maximum broadcast for free on Spotify (therefore no need to be a subscriber) on Deezer, or on other less known platforms, we discuss all the themes that we could find in his shrink. From toxic relationships, to the couple, through non-violent communication, "Life is an Art" explains how we function, we humans, in an educational way. In each episode, psychologists, doctors, coaches or even writers take turns to talk about a subject that they master to perfection. The quick format leaves us no time to get bored. Benedicte Draillard Defriche, the host, knows how to put her guests at ease and ask the right questions. Here we popularize science, we simplify things, we put ourselves at our level of amateurs and it feels good! It doesn't take long, we just learn what we needed to shed some light on the subject.

A sort of collection of tips and tricks to feel good about your life, "Life is an Art" only deals with positive things allowing us to take some keys to move forward in life more serenely. "Life is an Art" is a bit like this friend of good advice who always gives you the little word you need to reboost you, to restore your confidence and who you will think of next time before starting the same thing again errors.

"Life is an art" is a new podcast channel to listen to without moderation while having your coffee in the morning.

Some episodes even more interesting than the others:

"These relationships that leave us uncomfortable", in 3 episodes: deals with the Karpman triangle (I'll let you discover what it is). Attention ! You may well be surprised to find yourself in a role you never imagined!

"This ego that locks us in", in 2 episodes: thanks to this episode, I discovered Serge Marquis, a doctor who published on the ego, whom I found very educational and very sympathetic.

“The hypersensitive”, in 3 episodes: of course!

"Non-violent communication", in 3 episodes: I personally learned a lot of little things to apply on a daily basis. I think about these episodes regularly!

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