The harmful effects of (industrial) sugar on our health

A few weeks ago, I started buying brioche for the morning again. It wasn't for me at first (yes, yes, madam, I swear to you), but since it was in my cupboards, one evening of weakness I broke down and ate it. "Roh, it's okay, a little refined sugar won't kill you!" » « 2 or 3 slices for the taste and then stop » « Alalala, how good is chocolate anyway (yeah, because it was chocolate chip ganache, I do things well, me)", "Alalala, how comforting" "And why have I stopped buying it already? worse than coke this stuff.

Of course, that I didn't stop at 3 slices and that I ate half the package. The next day, I put ice cream cones in my shopping cart, the day after, I went from 3 cokes a week to 2 in the same day, and last Thursday, I even ended up buying candies at the grocer's, at 11 p.m., coming back from a party (something I hadn't done since 1992). In short, I completely fell back.

We need sugar, we even have a natural and innate attraction for it. To stop consuming it would be dangerous. On the other hand, stopping consuming added and industrial sugar (refined white, but even red, yes, yes) is strongly recommended.

Sugar (refined), of course, it's comforting, sure, it's good for morale at the time, but, in real life, it's like drugs, if you abuse it (quite quickly, suddenly, given that it is addictive and that the levels in processed foods are enormous), its harms are far more numerous than its benefits.

So, so as not to forget, a little detailed explanation of why sugar: "yes, if you abuse it (all the time, therefore), it can kill you.

It creates anxiety

When we consume sugar, blood sugar increases, our energy intake also, we will feel more excited, even overexcited, we can even have palpitations, sweats, a feeling of confusion, in short we are doing an OD, then it will fall like a bellows. The sugar is very quickly spent by the body and the blood sugar level will drop suddenly. Slack, fatigue, guilt due to his unusual behavior, even depression, in short, we think it did us good, but, in reality, it's like any excess, it was cool at the time, then it was worse after (hello Calogero (I can't take this song anymore, my god)).

It's addictive

As I said above, sugar is addictive. Consuming it creates dopamine, the “hormone” of reward, the one that makes us happy, satisfied, that puts a smile on our faces, that lifts our spirits, in short, that makes us feel better. But, of course, the effect, like any good thing, is not eternal and, therefore, when there is more, we want more. Classic pattern of addiction that we all know (well, for 90% of people, the others denounce you, what's your secret?). The packet of candy at my place? It lasts 2 and a half seconds, it's like cigarettes, as long as there's some in the packet, I'm going to smoke them. And this, even if, in the end, I don't really want to... The solution is, therefore, to stop buying them. But damn it! Sugar is everywhere! It's hell. So, come on guys, let's motivate ourselves, stop buying and consuming crap, it's for our good (and for that of humanity).

It hurts

Yeah, yeah, it hurts, literally, I'm not kidding. Tendinitis, arthritis, cavities, what if all these ailments had only one common cause: that big bad processed sugar? And yes, the latter being acidifying and promoting the production of insulin, it is at the origin of many chronic inflammations which would affect the epidermis, the teeth, but also the joints and the muscles. And what about inflamed joints? Well it hurts, of course!

It makes the skin ugly

Excess sugar disrupts the intestinal microbiota, which sees its balance altered. Thus, it creates bacteria that end up invading the epidermis. Sugar also favoring inflation, it's a vicious circle: acne appears. And we're all ugly! Well, well, we can accept each other and learn to love each other with our pimples (I'm in the middle of work) but, in truth, if there weren't any, we wouldn't be any worse off, huh, we not going to lie. Come on, another good reason to stop, that! (Even, the best for me, I believe, in real life.)

It causes loss of long-term memory

Too much sugar slows down brain activity and therefore our memory and learning abilities. Many studies correlate a consumption too rich in sugar and the onset of Alzheimer's disease. And the guys keep selling us this legally... BUT WHAT ARE THE POLICE DOING?

It fucks our health in general

Fructose (in too high a dose in refined sugar) is as toxic to the liver as alcohol. Yes, you read that right. In addition, if you don't exercise right after consuming it, the body does not know how to use this excessive amount of sugar, which it will then transform into fat, which will create overweight, thus promoting many health problems. Diabetes has exploded around the world along with processed foods. Chance ? Certainly not. The processed sugar is said to even nourish cancer cells and facilitate the growth of tumors. Since we tell you that it's meeeeeerde!

So, is that understood? Processed sugar is useless except to comfort us for a few minutes but above all to hurt us a lot afterwards. So, we stop and then it will be good for the planet on the way (nah, because the sugar cane fields are not the least polluting, eh, all the more reason to try!) And if you really can't do without the sweet taste, you replace it with fruit or honey, it's much better (even essential) for your health! Namaste.

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