Miguel Campbell, will make you forget that we no longer have the right to have fun

I don't know if it's due to the sun, the blue sky, or the mega hot temperatures we have right now in Marseille, but there's like a summer wind blowing in my heart. And you know what I crave the most when the heat comes back to the tip of his nose? To dance. Oh, yes, danseeeeer. But not anywhere and not on just anything. Do not make fun of it. There, right away, I see myself moving my butt on a sandy beach while making me all the discography of Miguel Campbell.

Miguel Campbell, a steward by profession, began playing House Music in the mid-1990s in British clubs. At his house what. At the end of the 2000s, he began to produce under his Outcross records label, then joined the most famous Hot Creations in 2010. It won't stop, until today. For more than 10 years, the recipe has been infallible: sensual voice (female or male) resting on Deep House or Electro Disco, his (many) titles are all more refreshing than each other. Groovy, which smells like summer, his style makes the body sway every time. And mine in particular. If he is little known to the general public (there are "only" a few hundred thousand fans) and little seen on the international scene, his tracks will be played in electro clubs around the world.



Miguel Campbell, I discovered him ̶ very late ̶ in 2017, when I was just starting to take an interest in the world of techno parties and electro in general. My boho hippie chic colleagues who scoured all the straw huts from Ibiza to Mykonos via Saint-Tropez during their young years, seem outraged.

"Stop! You're kidding! Don't you know Miguel Campbell? But it's so viiiiiiieuuux, olalalalaaaaa memories."

Ah, how can these "know-it-alls" of music annoy me.

"Well, no, sorry guys, I grew up in Montigny le Bretonneux, me. If you already knew, all the way I had to go to realize that in terms of electro there was something else that David Guetta..."

No, I didn't know Miguel Campbell. Like everyone else, in fact. But I must admit that it would have been a shame not to find out. Because, since then, I don't spend more than a few months before getting a little booster shot.

As a good obsessive compulsive that I am, I will therefore listen to his most famous title, Something Special all year 2018. With a slight delay, of 6 years, compared to its release date, but that Anyway, better late than never!

Even today, it is not uncommon for me to spend all these titles for an evening at home, all alone, to decompress.

Yes, all alone at home. Because in real life, I remind you, it's 12 degrees and not 30 and we haven't been allowed to dance for 6 weeks. Ah! Damn Covid! But it doesn't matter, Miguel Campbell alone is enough to get me excited!

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