Monolink, this magician 馃尩 Chronicle

Written by France Missud

Today, guys, I'm showing you (for those who don't already know him) an artist whose I'm MEGA FAN, but like MEGA FAN, and yet I'm not a fan of anyone.

Today I'm talking about < / span> Monolink , this multi-talented artist, this virtuoso of electronic music, this outstanding musician, this singer with the bewitching voice, this magician.

 monolink a la mint cover

Monolink , I discovered it in 2018. We are in July, the fe stival Rituel Days has just been held in the Bois de Vincennes, not far from my home. Unfortunately I can't go but a friend of mine comes back with a serotonin drug. He tells me he discovered an artist by the name of Acid Pauli.

His track The end that he signed with another artist by the name of Monolink would have put him in a trance. On his advice I listen to the title then. Instantly, I too am in a trance. He was right mate, it's orgasmic. It's not music they made there, it's a trip to a distant nebula galaxy, it's an invitation to dream , c is a celestial ascent to enchanted lands. I will listen to this song thousands of times, in my bath, while ironing, in the evening, while writing. I never tire of it and so I end up listening to the rest of their compositions. Even though I like what Acid Pauli does, it's Monolink that I remember. His voice, his style, his compositions, his lyrics, I listen to everything about him. On a loop. I'm in love , that's it, and I'll follow him for years to come.

Monolink of its real name Steffen Linck and native of Hamburg, is a musician, composer, performer, producer of electronic music of a new genre. Some would qualify his style of dance, folk, pop, electro, I especially believe that nobody knows how to classify it in a particular category. It's just magic. If he started in 2014 as a DJ on the Berlin techno scene, he composed in his corner and ended up going out in 2018 his first album which he names Amniotic (thank you to Rituel Days and Acid Pauli for not keeping us waiting to find out ). This musical genius was quickly invited to all electro and techno events, and in particular to the Burning Man of 2018 . He doesn't have the time, man. At the same time, it's logical, his music is perfectly what blends into the mystical atmosphere of this kind of festival. He stands out by combining his live, different instruments such as the synth or the guitar, and especially by placing his suave voice on his compositions with committed ecological texts, for a rendering of the most hypnotic < / b>. Limit we expected him.

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Apart from the fact that he wears his borsalino and his marcels everything straight out of the markets of Bali h24, not much is known about Monolink . He is humble and shows himself little, and we only know of him what he wants to show on Instagram or reveal to us in his texts imbued with hippie culture. It makes it even more mysterious . It makes me even crazier for him.

Unfortunately, and yet it's not for lack of trying, I haven't managed to see it yet live, and he has no date scheduled in France at the moment. (Too well known the Monolink , but we are happy for him!) But in the meantime, we can always watch his live transcripts online, he makes us happy to do it often enough, that's already it. His latest live from a paradise beach in the Maldives in partnership with the media Cercle is a real gem. I invite everyone to watch it again and again to travel for free to the beyond .

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