(Re)connection, by Sandra Dania

by France Missud

Charlatanism or real messages sent by the universe?

Sandra Dania is a holistic coach, which means she helps people awaken. To find their true self, to open their eyes to the spiritual reality of the world, to reconnect with everything.

Well, I admit, even I have trouble. Especially when I came across her Youtube videos of her drawing cards while communicating with spirits. How many charlatans among these mediums and other guides of the afterlife? A lot in my opinion. But, also, I'm starting to believe in it, some real messengers. So why not ? The path of appeasement I joined it thanks to spiritual elevation, so now I no longer close myself to anything. What if we didn't know everything? This has been my credo for several months. And then, anyway, these people (apart from taking your money) they don't do any harm, they do rather good, even. The messages they deliver are nothing but love and positivity.

What if we decided to believe it?

Messages, Sandra Dania has received from what she calls “the universe” after a surgical operation from which she almost did not return. Years later, a publisher offered to share them in a book. (Re)connection was born. Six euros for the Kindle format, for a book that takes two hours to read in its entirety, that's a bit of a charlatan, I have to admit it. BUT these messages really touched me. If I believe (for the moment) only average in the message sent from heaven, they are nonetheless instructive.

The author gives us one sentence per page that is supposed to make us reconnect to our real “us” and to the world in general. And I must say that they are all very relevant. A sort of summary of all the teachings that we can hear from spiritual guides of all philosophies or religions, Sandra Dania, repeats to us throughout her book mantras such as:

“Sorrow, joy are your choices. Happiness and unhappiness are the result. Everything emanates from you »

"The trials you go through in this incarnation are only the sum of the choices made in your free will"

"Trust is one of the keys that leads to understanding, once again, that everything is connected, and from this that nothing can or should be neglected or dissociated"

The purpose of these messages: for the world to wake up. It seems that we are in the middle of a period of transition. Let a new paradigm be created. And I don't know about you, but I like to believe it.

So as long as it doesn't hurt, and even that it feels good. Why not ?

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