The James Bond Restaurant

In the heart of the Bernese Alps, the James Bond movie “In Her Majesty's Service” was shot.

There they discovered a newly opened revolving restaurant with magnificent views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, three of the highest mountains in the Alps.

The year was 1969, man had just landed on the moon, the cold war between the United States and Russia was at its height, and the possibility of a nuclear war was shaking the world.

However, the glamor of the seventies restaurant, the Bond girls with their furs and high boots and the beauty of the snowy mountains achieve scenes that make us feel nostalgic for those years.

This restaurant is called Piz Gloria and it continues to spin at 2970m high on the Schilthorn in the heart of Switzerland. It still maintains a bit of that seventies decoration and on several screens you can see scenes from the movie that made it famous.

To get there you have to go to Interlaken and from there look for the Lauterbrunnen valley. At the end of the valley, towards Stechelberg, you will find the first cable car of four that will take you up to the top of the Schilthorn.

The views from all of them are incredible and at each cable car change you can get off and find environments that you will love.

Mürren, the second stop from the bottom is a car-free village with small traditional restaurants. Birg, the third stop, has a walk with glass floor bridges attached to rock walls, where you can enjoy the height in a different way, feeling that the ground disappears under your feet.

And when you're at the top, you can quietly enjoy your “mixed, not shaken” Dry Martini in Piz Gloria, while the gentle rotation of the ground shows you all the angles of the wonderful snow-capped mountains.

The Eiger, Mönch and the Jungfrau are three mountains much loved by the Swiss. They are three high peaks that can be seen together from a great distance and from different points of the country; but without a doubt, one of the best views is the one we can enjoy following in the wake of James Bond.

And in case you were wondering, the protagonist of this film is not Roger Moore or Sean Connery, it is George Lazenby who must not have liked it very much because he did not repeat it; although he gives a good reply to a wonderful Telly Savalas who plays bad, very bad.

If you dare to go on an excursion, you can touch the snow all year round and if you have good legs, walk down several routes from above, enjoying nature in all its splendor.

Finally, you cannot miss Trümmelbach-falle also in the Lauterbrunnen valley. They are a set of waterfalls that fall between the rocks and that the Swiss have conditioned for your enjoyment. They take you to the top in an elevator inside the mountain and then you go down through various tunnels and bridges enjoying the force and sound of the water.

Are you up for a visit to the heart of the Swiss Alps?

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