An introduction to tantra

What is Tantra?

Tantra is understood in Tibet as the fastest vehicle to attain enlightenment. Vehicle, can also mean method or inner discipline.

Yoguics and Buddhists have been using tantric techniques for hundreds, even thousands of years, being one of the most ancient spiritual techniques created by human beings.


tantric vibes, and introduction to tantra, meditation

Why would I want to learn Tantra?

Tantra is suited for all of us, no matter how old, smart, flexible or irresponsible you are, applying basic tantric methods will boost your inner self, increasing your spiritual energy, thus making us happier, more relaxed and motivated to proceed with our daily activities.


When should I start?

The best moment is now, sit down, bring your mind home, close your eyes and take a deep inbreath.


How should I practice?

Feel your breath go down up your spine and get in contact with your inner spirit, the energy that unifies us, call it consciousness, infinity, the universe or God. Feel how your problems disappear in this vast space, feel your stress burn above your head and open your heart. Try to think about the difference between giving and receiving, the difference between happiness and sadness while we stay with our breathing. 


tantric vibes, and introduction to tantra, universe, kundalini

Additional advice

At the beginning is normal to feel distracted, our minds are not used to be silent, it takes time and yes, some discipline. We are used to jump from one thought to another, without realizing this process. Try to be gentle with yourself, no one has become a master in one day, but with enough practice we will see how we are able to concentrate with more ease and stay with our breath for several minutes, even hours.

Great masters are in a constant meditation, they are able to remove all self grasping and attachment in order to dedicate their lives to others, without forgetting their paths. 

This technique is essential to remove our karmic chains, the cause of all our sufferings.

Have a great tantric experience, enjoy and let us know how you feel in the comments below.


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