How to Generate the Correct Motivation in Tantric Meditations

In order to receive the maximum benefit from these instructions, each time we study or practice a Tantric Meditation we must begin by generating a pure and altruistic motivation.

For this, mentors can be recited to boost the results in our sessions. We recommend following our Vajrayoguini path and repeating the following mantra three times, placing deep focus on its meaning:

"I and all sentient beings, innumerable as infinite space,

From this moment until we reach the essence of enlightenment,

We take refuge in the glorious and sacred Gurus, we take refuge in the perfect Buddhas, the blessed beings,

We take refuge in the sacred Dharma,

We take refuge in the Upper Sangha."

tantric vibes beach all

We then recite the following mantra three times:

"Once I have reached the full state of a Buddha, I am going to free all sentient beings in the ocean from the suffering of Samsara and lead them to the bliss of complete enlightenment."

For this purpose I am going to practice the stages of the Vajrayogini path.

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