Kaivala padah, about isolation, from the Patanjali Sutras

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Powers are rooted and arise from birth, medicinal plants, recitation, asceticism, and contemplation. The change of species is possible thanks to the creative flow of nature.

The instrumental cause is not the one that sets in motion the producing elements of nature, but only removes the obstacles, like the peasant.

Artificial minds are produced only from the sense of self. When there are differences in behavior, it is one mind that directs the others. Between (these minds), those born of meditation leave no karmic residue.

The karma of yogis is neither black nor white. Other people's is of three different types. Therefore, the manifestation of the latent impressions occurs in full correspondence with the fruition (of karma).

Contiguity occurs despite there being a separation of time, place or birth, since the memory and the latent impression have the same shape. They have no beginning, since desire is infinite. They require causes, effects, a substrate and supports; when they disappear, they also disappear.

The past and the future exist essentially as properties and are subject to temporal distinction. These properties are formed by the constituents and can be manifest or latent.

The consistency of an object is due to the unity of the change. Due to the difference in the mental perception of the same object, both follow independent routes.

An object is known or unknown depending on whether or not the mind is colored by it. Mental processes are always known, since the purusa, the lord of these processes, is immutable. It does not shine with its own light, since it is an object of perception. And before the impossibility of knowing both simultaneously...

If one mind perceived another, there would be a regression to infinity, since a later mental perception would always be necessary to perceive the previous one, also causing confusion of memory.

The nontransferable consciousness perceives its own mind by reflecting its shape in it. The mind is omni-objective, since it is colored by both the perceived object and the perceiving subject. This, although very complex, being made up of innumerable latent impressions, is at the service of the other by the fact of being a composite entity.

For the discerning person the search of identity ceases. Then the mind, inclined towards discriminative intellection, opts for isolation. In the interstices of that, other perceptions arise due to latent impressions. The eradication of these occurs in the same way as that of afflictions, as they have been indicated.

Contemplation, also known as the "Dharma Cloud", occurs in the case of that person who, after achieving the fullness of discriminatory intellection, does not even adhere to knowledge. The cessation of afflictions and karma then occurs.

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Then, the knowable object becomes small due to the infinity of a purified knowledge of all impurities and devoid of all veils. From here the sequential change of the constituents ends for the realized beings. The sequence is the correlative of the present moment and is perceived at the end of the change.

To conclude: isolation is the implication of the constituents, who do not fulfill any objective in relation to the purusa, or also the energy of consciousness assuming its own form.

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