The Secret Tantra Teachings of Vajrayoguini

The secret tantra teachings of Vajrayogini and all the dakinis is the fastest way to achieve enlightenment in a single short human lifetime.

koi fish a la menthe tantra

This teaching is found inside the sacred teachings of Kadampa Buddhism (the union of all the Buddha's teachings together) with the special and practical instructions of the Lamrim, a text composed by the great Buddhist Master Atisha, in which the stages of the path to enlightenment are presented.

The practice of this kind of Buddhism, characterized by its simplicity, depth and great spiritual purity, constitutes a very effective method to solve human problems, and is applicable to all aspects of life in today's society.

The instructions for the Vajrayogini practice are the deepest teachings of Highest Yoga Tantra. Originally taught by Buddha Vajradhara as part of Heruka tantra, they are the best method by which to purify both our environment and our body and mind.

Remember: Not all sentient beings have the same abilities to develop deep spiritual understanding. For this reason, Buddha Shakyamuni imparted different teachings.

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